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Electroarc #1 Beküldve:  2009. okt. 31. 19:36
Reg: 2009.okt.31.
Üzenetek: 1
Belépve: Nem
[img]http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q136/intre ndent/BrutpopCoverFrontearlypre-View468x4.jpg[/img ]
Label: Electro Arc
Catalog No.: 1001015
Release date: 20. Nov 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Brutpop, Power Electronics, Electro, SynthPop, Industrial
Cover Painting: Norbert Szuk
Cover Art: Zoltan Havasi
All music by: István Gazdag


1 Before The Light 5:17
Lead Vocals - Linda Daemon
2 First Aid 4:55
Lead Vocals - Eszter Agoston
3 Painkiller 4:55
Lead Vocals - Aaron Russell
4 Powa 5:27
Lead Vocals - Linda Daemon
5 Reconquista 4:57
Lead Vocals - Aaron Russell
6 Sui.Acid 5:51
Lead Vocals - Linda Daemon
7 The Unborn Child 5:46
Lead Vocals - Mark Duffield
8 Wings Of Morpheus 5:46
Lead Vocals - Mark Duffield
9 Hairy-(Ass)ed [Hun Version] 4:13
Lead Vocals - István Gazdag
10 Circus Maximus 4:16
Lead Vocals - Linda Daemon
11 Chrime And Punishment 4:59
Lead Vocals - Mark Duffield
12 Robochan 4:14
Lead Vocals - Katalin Helfenbein
13 The Wave 5:29
Lead Vocals - Mark Duffield

First Aid 4 Souls - Genious souls out of electro

The band started as a project in 2006, but the group really has quite a long past. It is the practical successor of the band Vacuum, which started in 1992 and became one of the most significant bands in the Hungarian industrial music scene, having appeared on stage with such bands as Clock DVA, Swamp Terrorists and X Marks The Pedwalk.

In 2006 mastermind István Gazdag (lead synths, vocals) and drummer István Drimál founded the project First Aid 4 Souls.

No other band name could be more to the point: the music is full of soul, especially in the singings from Eszter Ágoston as well as from Katalin Helfenbein who is also playing e-drums. The erotic, soulfull singing from Linda Daemon on Brutpop has to also be pointed out. Completing the band are Zoltan Havasi on live samplings/VJ and the actual drummer Attila Palfalvy.

With their exceptional music FA4S combine danceable rhytmn of electronics and filigree, somtimes classic, fairy-like arrangements with the spirit of psychedelic, trance-like soundbaubles and emotive sensations.With a really intelligent idea and concept behind their music, they never reach a level of trash or kitsch. Using philosophical elements inspired by Jeff Noon in their lyrics and the conceptional artwork of painter Norbert Szuk the band is creating an impressive and comprehensive artwork. They find their elements of fantasy, erotic and intelligence somewhere in the tough reality of our modern industrial community.

FA4S demonstrate that the creativity of modern electronic music is not for a long time yet exhausted. Finally you can say that they satisfy head and soul and also all those who just love to dance.

[url]http://www.systemculture.org/2009/0 9/first-aid-4-souls-interview.html[/url]
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