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Az első album a "CINEMIND", és a második remix album a "NOSTROPHIL REMIXES" is ingyenesen letölthető a N7 Bandcamp oldaláról 2011.12.23. és 2012.01.01. között.

Cinemind / Free Download 23.12.2011-01.01.2012
by Nostromo 7

Digital Album
Immediate download of 12-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
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1.    Silence 04:18
2.    They 04:45
3.    Melt Away 03:50
4.    Alone 03:46
5.    Ocean Blue 03:52
6.    Second Face 03:16
7.    Longing 04:13
8.    Body And Soul 03:16
9.    Blind Hate 04:13
10.    Kozmo 2065 04:36
11.    Longing 2 (Devil Dance) 04:52
12.    Relief (Instrumental) 04:15

Inner movies lost in space and time

From the beginning our music is based on the atmosphere of film music combined with deep electronic sounds. Speech- vocal in a storytelling way and vocal with lots of experimental music are attached to all these. As time passed by our musical world got more colorful and richer. After we were successfully introduced in foreign alternative magazines and internet radios, our fans and people from the music industry encouraged us to keep our
authentic sounding to make an album on our own without any compromise.

In our debut album CINEMIND we continue this road to create electronic sounds almost like film music taking it to our extreme. Visions won't be missed this time either, there will be fast cuttings but also logical musical changes in these twelve songs of the CD.
Now with more experimentation, dynamics and with collaborators on board. In this record we will invite you ’to see’ or listen to our fifty minutes of inner movie with remixed older releases and brand new tracks.


released 15 July 2010
Peter Lipovics: music composer, sound designer
Gabor Szabo: lyrics, speech-vocals, audiovisuals
Violin on Second Face by Anita Jaroka
Vocals on Second Face by Josef Stapel
Vocals on Melt Away and Ocean Blue by Erzsebet Vas
Guitar on Alone by David Szabo (Agregator)
Special thanks to all the collaborators.
Pre-mastered and mixed by Peter Lipovics
Mastered by Tius, at Inita, Budapest
Cover design by Josef Stapel at Stapel Design, Frankfurt am Main

All rights reserved


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